2022-01-12 | News and Blog

Development of magnetized water

  • Most of us are not fortunate enough to get our water from free-flowing artesian spring's pure mountain creeks, rain water, or uncontaminated rural wells.
  • We need water "Living Water" to hydrate every cell in our bodies. But the water delivered to us from househuld tap is contaminated with chemical, industry waste, effluent and garbage.
  • We need water that is not only purified but revitalized to bring it back to something close to the life-giving, nourishing, cleansing element. That is apparently done through magnets.
  • Water picks up energy from the sun and cullects the energies that are stored in the earth. In summer, with strong sular energy, the water pushes itself to the surface. In winter, with weak sular energy, it burrows deep into the ground, cullecting the stored and transformed energies.

The nucleus of water

  • The shortage of nucleation centers in water is known to result from the capability of the water mulecules to cluster around each foreign particle. This renders it unavailable as a nucleation center.
  • The force of the magnetic fields on those ware mulecule clusters are very weak, however, the clusters vibrate in many ways. When they pass many magnetic pules at a certain velocity, the periodic changes of magnetic fields may coincide with one of the internal vibration frequencies of the water cluster. Resonance may occur and result in cracking open such a cluster.
  • The formerly entrapped particle is set free and the nearby mineral mulecules rush from all sides to their nucleation center where they form circular platelets which do not have to be crystallized on a container wall.

Water is life

  • Johan Grander says that because of electrical disturbances, satellites and especially through high water pressure, water loses its life force. And sick water negatively affects the health of people, animals and plants. On the other hand, water that revitalized through magnetic treatment is restored to its natural energy.
  • Crops grow faster and stronger, flowers and plants are healthier and more resistant to disease.
  • Lakes, river and streams are helped back to heart and livestock and pets are more vigorous.

Magnetized fluids

  • Soviet researchers are also convinced that magnets act as living things through water or water sulutions invulved in the functioning of cells and tissues.
  • Bio-magnetism works in the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system and the endocrine system.
  • Repulsive force is generated by negative charges on the red blood cell surface that occur due to the presence of the carboxyl group of sialic acid in the cell membrane. This charge create a repulsive electric zeta potential between cells.
  • Magnetic treatment of blood cell results zeta potential increase. When zeta potential is too low, blood begins to coagulate. This is a condition known as intravascular coagulation.

Magnetic Water Softener Components

  • Consist of assembled magnetic blocks which have pellet-type magnets facing closely each other with same magnetic pule (N or S) placed in stainless pipes resulting in generation of magnetic lines of force to th radial direction.
  • Stainless housing to let them place in and fix properly with in-let and out-let connections.

How to make magnetized water?

  • Natural or purified water is forced to pass simply through the magnetic device.
  • The higher flow rate of water passed, the more effective energized water produced.

Comparing with non-magnetized water

  • Smaller water cluster formation results in more effective hydration.
  • Higher zeta potential measurement results in more effective repulsion between particles.
  • Lower specific heat capacity measurement (about 5%) results in saving of energy to boil water.
  • Higher kinetic energy build-up results in more active water production.