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What is the function of a household water purification system? How to choose?


The choice of household water purification system? Dailymag recommends planning and choosing water purification equipment based on the actual water hardness, TDS, etc. of your own family, combined with your own drinking water volume, number of water points, and domestic water demand.

Household water quality problem 1: Particulate impurities

On-site situation: Due to factors such as tap water in the area, long-term disrepair of the pipe network, and substandard cleaning of the water tank, the tap water pipe network will bring a lot of particles, rust, etc.

Design analysis: In order to protect wading equipment, showers and other appliances, it is necessary to intercept particulate impurities, rust, etc. in the tap water, and a pre-filter must be installed in the water inlet pipe. The filter pore size of the common pre-filter in the market is generally in the three levels of 20/50/100 micron. Although the 20/50 micron filtration accuracy is high, it has a greater impact on the pressure of the tap water. Measure the pressure of the tap water supply in the local area. The pressure of the water supply is low and there can be no large pressure loss.

Summary: The design uses a 100-micron pre-filter.

Household water quality problem 2: Different colors and odors and heavy metals

On-site situation: The tap water treatment process will add excessive chlorine and other disinfectants for disinfection, and chlorine residues and their derivatives will endanger human health. Therefore, the problem of heavy metals cannot be ignored.

Design analysis: In order to remove residual chlorine and its derivatives in water, a common method on the market is to use activated carbon water purifiers, which rely on the super adsorption of activated carbon to eliminate chlorine. According to the relevant regulations of the “National Standards for Tap Water Quality of the People’s Republic of China” and “Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water” (GB5749-2006), the iron content in tap water is ≤0.3mg/L; the manganese content is ≤0.1mg/L, and heavy metals are seriously exceeding the standard. It needs to be fully considered in the design, and reasonable equipment is selected for purification.

Summary: According to the analysis of the above scheme, the design and selection of activated carbon filter material + heavy metal removal filter material central water purifier.

Household water quality problem 3: Severe scaling

On-site situation: Water hardness: PPm (national standard, calculated as CaCO3): 310~380; dH (German degree): 18-22.

Design analysis: According to the National Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water, the total hardness limit is 450 (calculated as CaCO3). Obviously, the water hardness in this area is very close to the limit value. According to the hardness level of tap water, the tap water has been classified as hard water and needs to be softened. Otherwise, the wading equipment will be seriously scaled, the hot water equipment will have high energy consumption, greatly reduce the service life of the equipment, and the quality of hard water will be poor.

Summary: Design and use Dailymag Magnetic Water Softener

Family water quality problem 4: Contains bacteria and viruses, can not drink raw water directly

On-site situation: Tap water contains various invisible bacteria and viruses, and cannot be directly drunk raw.

Design analysis: To solve the problem that tap water cannot be drunk, the high-precision filtration process is mainly adopted. At present, the mainstream processes are mainly ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis. Knowing that customers pay attention to diet safety and have a healthy concept of daily food and nutrition, from this point of view, customers prefer safe drinking water and balanced water quality and minerals.

Summary: Design and use composite terminal ultrafiltration drinking water equipment.

In summary, the choice of water purification system is:

Pre-filter+central water purifier+Dailymag Magnetic Water Softener+terminal drinking equipment

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