DAILYMAG MAGNETICS is a world-leading supplier of OEM and ODM magnetic tools, magnetic assemblies and permanent magnets.

Founded by dynamic and well-known Chinese entrepreneur Charles Yao, DAILYMAG'S strong company culture is infused with his forward-looking philosophies and employs his specific methodologies. All those fall within our focus on "SQDP" - the SOLUTIONS you need, at the level of QUALITY and service you need, DELIVERED at the PRICE & time you need them. To consistently provide those promises, DAILYMAG fosters an environment of individual growth through individual independence, accountability, and ownership.

In fact at DAILYMAG, ownership of job responsibilities leads to stock ownership - as many key employees have experienced. When our sales managers tell you your order will ship on time that promise is coming directly from an owner. Combined with great feedback from buyers and by keeping "our finger on the pulse" of end-users, we don't just talk about "continuous improvement", but live it daily. Each person, each team, and each process is optimized until each product and the solution it provides is optimized. This is where the "daily" in DAILYMAG comes from - day-by-day, step by step growth.

The DAILYMAG story is of course filled with Charles's big ideas, and marked by numerous events past, present and future. It's the characters in the tale, though, that make it a compelling read as they are not only driving the action but living everyday drama on their end to ensure you don't have any on yours. They ensure a great outcome at the end of each passage in their own stories, to likewise ensure a happy end for your next chapter.

And so it continues. The story of the DAILYMAG brand is long and on-going, but it has and will always have these characteristics and these themes running through it. The elements that have led to our market-leading position, to more than 100 patents and numerous awards, to earned success and reputation. The traits that have led to our eminence, including Charles being the only leader - out of tens of thousands of suppliers - invited to Alibaba Group's record-breaking IPO in 2014.

DAILYMAG. Clients love us; the competition envies us. Polarizing - in good ways.