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DAILYMAG MAGNETICS is a creative manufacturer of OEM and ODM water magnets, magnetic water softeners and tools.

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We pride ourselves on providing superior service and products to our customers. Our machining offers excellent turn-around time, competitive pricing, and absolute top-notch quality.

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Our team has experience in all fields relating to product design and development. If you have any needs for your new product or wish to make further improvements, we are here to offer our support.

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High quality materials are the basis of every successful magnet product we offer. We focus on uniform properties and low variation, so that performance is predictably reliable.

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One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, is that when the goods arrive is it exactly what you want. Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!

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Our service includes regular and thorough inspections throughout the manufacturing process, eliminating the need to employ additional quality control inspectors.

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Our sales all our follow-up service is one to one. If you have any question, we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Dailymag Magnetic Water Softeners

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What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in contrast with "soft water"). Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates.Hard drinking water may have moderate health benefits, but can pose serious problems in industrial settings, where water hardness is monitored to avoid costly breakdowns in boilers, cooling towers, and other equipment that handles water. In domestic settings, hard water is often indicated by a lack of suds formation when soap is agitated in water, and by the formation of limescale in kettles and water heaters. Wherever water hardness is a concern, water softening is commonly used to reduce hard water's adverse effects.

Benefits of Our Water Softeners

As we know: Water, without fail, is our most precious resource as it contains much nutrition your body needs to operate correctly. Our Magnetic Water Softener will create an unlimited supply of magnetic "soft " water. This means minerals, which have a tendency to clump together will now instead push away from each other making them smaller and as a result, easier to assimilate into your body. This is a good thing as many in the world are mineral deficient. In addition, magnetic fields also promote healing.
In just a few months you will begin to save money from energy savings. Over the years you will save money because your plumbing, fixtures and appliances will last longer.

How do the Magnetic Water Softener work?

Very simply to be installed around the water pipe.
By passing the water through an ultra-powerful focused flux magnetic field, these minerals and other materials become suspended in the water - losing their ability to stick to things.
While the water pass through our device, they will be softened and magnetized. This effect is so durable, it takes almost 2 full days before the elements in the water start to regain their bonding power.
In most homes, this is more than enough time for your water to travel from where it enters the home to when it goes down the drain and into the sewage system.

Meet our New Arrival

Our R&D Department is fully focused on exploiting the vast resources of experience and technical skills available within DAILYMAG, while maintaining permanent client contact and looking to the future to anticipate technological advances and emerging markets.

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic Water Softener

Your Magnetic Force

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic Water Conditioner

Your Magnetic Force

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnetic Water Treatment

Your Magnetic Force

Benefits of Magnetic Water Conditoners

Dailymag Magnetic Water Softeners protect your investments, quality of life and environment.
Prevents formation of scale build up & Removes existing scale
Totally maintenance free & Protects valuable equipment
Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer & Portable, easy to install (no plumbing or cutting of pipes)
No electricity or maintenance to operate & Never needs replacement (no moving parts to wear out)
Saves money year after year....while protecting the environment